Yasser (38), originally from Iran, immigrated to Germany in 2013. He is a medical doctor who specialized in cardiology. In our interview, he talks about his immigration process, his experience and life in Germany. 

What is your name? 

My name is Yasser. I’m 38 years old and I come from Iran. 

What is your profession? 

I am a medical doctor. I completed my residency in Germany. Today, I am a specialist in cardiology.

When did you come to Germany? 

I arrived in Germany in 2013 after having previously completed my medical studies in Iran and having learned German up to level B2.

Please describe the process of your immigration. Did you have any help? If yes, who helped you?

After having acquired sufficient language skills, I contacted Bastian Mahmoodi and his team based on the recommendation of other doctors. From then on, the whole process was planned and handled for me. I was glad to have a competent advisor at my side whom I could trust and who ensured a smooth process.

How did you obtain your professional qualification (e.g. license to practice medicine)?

Bastian Mahmoodi and his partner attorneys did that for me as well. In order to make it possible for me to come to Germany, they applied for a professional license for me. Nowadays, doctors only have the chance to get a job if they are in possession of a license to practice medicine but back then it was different. With my professional license, I could initially work for two years and only then had to pass a certain knowledge examination. I was really well supported during this process. The clinic was also very well chosen for me. I worked there for several years and also did all my residency training there.

Did you experience any difficulties with the authorities? 

I already knew from friends that contact with authorities in Germany was always fraught with problems. By the way, this has not changed until today. I can’t recommend doing this whole process by themselves to anyone. For me, everything was easy because it was organized for me and I didn’t have to take care of it myself. That was also good because I could concentrate exclusively on moving to Germany and the language training. I would do it that way again any time.

Did you experience any difficulties with the German Embassy or Consulate? 

Again, I had no problems as the visa application was prepared for me by the partner attorneys. But exactly at this moment, I remember that there were indeed strange and illogical queries by the visa department of the German embassy during the ongoing procedure. However, I had only found this out afterwards because it was taken care of for me and the problems were solved.

How was your arrival in Germany? 

Oh, I remember that day very well. Due to the stress of packing my suitcase the days before my departure, I arrived quite tired on a late flight in Hamburg. But that was no problem at all because Bastian personally picked me up at the airport. As I know from others who have chosen VISABEE, this is not possible for him anymore since the number of arrivals has become too large. Nowadays, someone from the team comes to the airport to pick you up but it is still a great service! 

Why did you come to Germany? What’s your personal reason?

I really wanted to take advantage of the opportunities that the German healthcare system offered me as a doctor. In my home country, I didn’t have the chance to do residency training. I also really wanted to go to Germany because of all the opportunities there. Today, I know that it was the right decision back then.

 Do you have tips for those who also want to live and work in Germany? Do you have any advice in general?

You should prepare very well and should not listen to what friends and acquaintances tell you. This is usually false information and those who talk badly have usually not made it to Germany themselves. It is important to start with good planning, that’s why I recommend working with a reputable company such as VISABEE. For life in Germany, I can not necessarily give tips but I’d recommend that you listen well to others here and try out a lot.

 What are you looking forward to?

I am very happy and pleased that I was able to start a family in Germany. On top of that, I started my job as a senior physician a few months ago. We recently moved to southern Germany. That’s where I would like to stay for the time being and specialize even further in cardiology.

 Were you satisfied with your first employer? Where are you working today? 

Yes, and the first employer should also be well chosen. That was the basis for my later success. Since at that time I could not know at all what was important, I am glad that Bastian personally selected the hospital at that time. If it hadn’t been the right fit for me, I wouldn’t have been there for over five years. My current employer is also only the second hospital I have been working at. 

 What are your goals for the future?

As a heart specialist, I would like to help many patients in Germany. I like being a doctor very much and would like to work at the highest medical level.

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